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Behind The Lens


A little bit about me. Okay maybe a lot.........


When I was little, I was always a ham in front of the camera. My mother can testify to that. I started out shooting an old Pentax film camera of my mother's. During high school, my passion grew and grew. Growing up in the small town of Berthoud, Colorado, my ultimate goal was to be a pro rodeo photographer. In all honesty it was because I was 16 and crazy about cowboys and horses. Who wouldn't want to photograph those two things all day long?


After becoming a mother seven years ago, my "frame" of mind for what I was photographing changed (pun intended).  My first little girl was born and I was in love all over again. My husband and I had just purchased our first home in Carbon Valley. We also had just lost everything we owned in a flood four months prior to our daughter's birth. Therefore, we had no money to have professional pictures of our daughter taken, so we went to the mall, new baby in hand, and let a young girl photograph our new family. Needless to say, my baby ended up in a basket of tulle with angel wings. She looked like a small turkey in a basket.  After that experience, I vowed to never have another mall picture taken again.


That led me to buy my first digital DSLR camera. My talent and taste in expensive equipment grew fast. Then came baby number two. At this time, I was still not anywhere close to what I thought a professional photographer should be.

I booked my first appoinment with a well-known newborn photographer in our local area to have our family pictures taken, now that we were a family of four.  I towed my whole family to her studio and gazed in amazement at all of her props, backdrops and equipment.  After I went in for my photo viewing, I was an emotional mess. She did such a beautiful job!  However, I did not realize what the price tag was going to be. I cried and left with three images of her art work. Three images was all we could afford, and even at that, we had to charge it to a credit card.


I realized at that point that I wanted to be a family photographer.

My definition of family is broad. I treat everyone like they are family to me. When I go out to a family session, I like to connect with the kids. You will often find me sitting on the ground playing trucks with your son, or asking your daughter if I can hold her doll.

I always have stickers and a small stash of Smarties with me.  I like to tell the parents to sit back, relax and let me get your childs' attention.


From wedding to newborn sessions, I take time and lots of consideration in what I plan to shoot. My goal in photographs is to capture you, the "real" you! Not some "say CHEESE" smile. I like to say funny things to get your kids to laugh.  And on your wedding day, I like to capture that little grin on your new husband's face when he leans close to your ear and whispers, "I love you".


I am a member of the
Professional Photographers of America. 

I am committed to taking continuing education courses to improve my skills, because my theory is that you are never too old to learn something new!


Welcome to the family! 


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