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The Whole Family Session

This was an amazing family session! They looked like a Pinterest board. The perfect mixture of navy, yellows and grays. Erin was the main coordinator of this extended family session. Grandma and Grandpa flew in from Arizona for a visit and portraits. I can't tell you enough to get family pictures taken! Get in front of the camera!

This is timless love!

The the girls

Those eyes! I have never seen someone with such blue eyes. Just like his mama.

I just wanted to point out that as a photographer, I just didn't pick up my camera and make the first picture happen. I had a complex lighting set up with off camera flashes. It takes time to pose a large family. Make sure that everyone looks like they belong to the person next to them. I studied how to make the perfect extended family portraits. I sent numerous emails back and forth to Erin, the sister that made this all happen. We talked a lot about outfits and how to coordinate everyone. When you are looking in to hiring a professional photographer, make sure that they know how to capture the best portrait possible of your whole family. Thank you Erin for giving me the opportunity to photograph your amazing family!

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