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Colorado Adventure Surprise Engagement Rocky Mountain National Park

If you have never experienced alpenglow on the tips of the

Rocky Mountains in the morning, add it to you bucket list!

While you are adding things to your bucket list...

add getting proposed to at an alpine lake at alpenglow!

My husband and I met Harry and Amanda a little over a year ago.

Harry and I were both broken at the time, so we bonded over our cast and boot. He had a much cooler story about breaking his arm than I did about breaking my ankle. He even has a Youtube video to back up his story! Over this last year, we have shot a lot of archery and guns together,

participated in a Tough Mudder, and drank a few drinks!

So when Harry said he bought a ring and was ready to propose and wanted my help, all of my squirrels got loose and came up with a cool, unique idea. Harry contacted me two days before we ventured out to do the proposal.

I asked him if he was willing to hike and how early was too early?

He knew that he wanted something epic, so

his response was, "Hell, yes, and nothing is too early."

After several text messages and a few phone calls, we came up with a plan on how to surprise Amanda!

Once we decided on the time and location,

then there was the challenge on how to get Amanda there with as few

questions as possible.

Harry asked how he would know where to drop down on one knee? I honestly didn't have an answer.

We thought about spray painting a giant X on the ice,

but something told me the forest service wouldn't think that was too cool.

So Harry suggested that I place some roses in a circle

on the spot that I wanted them in.

So with my husband by my side at 5am, we took off on the trail with 2 dozen roses, 2 candles, and a bunch of camera equipment in hand.

My amazing husband hauled all 40 pounds of my camera gear!

He is a keeper!

We arrived at Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park at 5:45 am.,

set up in the dark and hurricane winds, and waited... Alpenglow arrived at 6:23 am, but where were Harry and Amanda???

At that time of the morning in the mountains, it is pitch dark!

Harry and Amanda got lost and went on a very long detour.

But they finally arrived and he dropped down on one knee.

It was amazing and romantic, and my husband and I cried.

I went to Anthropologie in Boulder the day before to find Amanda a pretty

dress to wear for pictures.

I wanted something blue and long.

They had only ONE such dress, and it was in her size,

so I took it as a sign and bought it for her.

I also had to make sure to get both of themYaktrax,

because they would never have made the hike without them.

To Amanda's delight, she got to keep on her

long Johns and hiking boots under her dress, Yaktrax and all.

The sky was the perfect shade of blue and the wind stopped long enough to unbundle and take pictures.

Amanda didn't want just an engagement ring, but also an engagement gun.

Harry obliged her with both.

Did I mention it was 26 degrees?

This is what Goosebumps look like up close!!!

All in all, it was a perfect morning adventure with great friends! Congratulations, Harry and Amanda!

If you would like to plan your own adventure engagement session,

please reach out to me!

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