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Matthew & Eve's Estes Park, Colorado Wedding at Our Lady of The Mountains Catholic Church an

Matthew and Eve lucked out with perfect weather for their late September wedding day. What Eve didn't know was that she scheduled her wedding on one of

Estes Parks' busiest days of the year! ELK FEST!

September 29, 2018 Everything moved at a snail's pace in Estes that day.

Matthew and Eve started their day in separate hotel rooms at the Stanley. Eve was busy doing her makeup when I arrived.

This girl can do makeup! She studied Youtube to find the best waterproof makeup tutorials!

Eve's mom, Amy, helped her into her dress, which had lots of buttons!

I love the strong light of this image as Eve held her dress tight to her body.

Hands can tell so much, can't they?

Matthew got ready in his parents room down the hall from Eve.

After everyone was ready, we headed across the street to

Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church. This church is beautiful inside and out!

This picture will never get old to me -- The first time a husband gets to see his bride.

Family and Friends helped pray over Matthew and Eve.

They presented flowers to Mary.

This stained glass window is so beautiful with lots of blues and greens.