Full Moon Snowshoe Hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, Adventure Colorado

My friend Veronica and I headed out for a little adventure time December 21st. It was winter solstice, a full moon, and a meteor shower.

It also happen to be the day the government shut down. I met Veronica at our pick up off of I-70 and started up the hill. Armed with winter gear, snowshoes, and our cameras.

Along with this trifecta going on, there was also a cold front coming in.

Arctic Cold Front! As we took a right and headed north up Clear Creek Canyon we realized that shooting any mountains without snow wouldn't look good.

And until today, there was no snow on the mountains. So we drove to Nederland up around the Brainard Lake Area. You can make it up to the winter parking lot and snowshoe in 2.3 miles.

I think that, that is what we should have done.

But it was COLD.


We could barley open the doors to my Jeep. So off we went in my warm Jeep to mountains that we could drive up to.

Following the Peak to Peak Highway, we drove past Allens Park and in to

Estes Park.

We knew that at least there would be great mountain views there. Us being avid adventure photographer, we knew where we wanted to go for our night time long exposure shots.




Okay that is enough emojis.

We weren't happy. But we reluctantly turned around and headed back towards

Lilly Lake. We pulled in and layered up.

If you can't tell from the pictures above the wind was blowing a little bit. There is a small dock at Lilly Lake that we set up on.

Lucky us, we were the only photographers there. I have a sturdy Manfroto tripod that you can attach a weight to. I thought this was a feature I would never use. I was wrong. It would have been helpful to have a weight to hold my tripod down. It kept trying to blow over. I have no clue how hard the wind was blowing. I would guess 60MPH plus.

I took several pictures.

121 to be exact.

2 turned out!

Absolutely not my best night photography work. But I had a great conversation, on a long drive, and made an adventure out of it.

Isn't that what life is about. Happy New Year Everyone!

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