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Kylie Jo rides at the National Western Stock Show January 2015

I entered my oldest daughter Kylie into the National Western Stock Show's Frontier Airlines Mutton Busting back in August of 2014. In December of 2014, I got the call saying her application had been accepted. I think I was more excited than she was!

These pictures are a story of her day at the NWSS.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Checking out the new chaps

Miss Addy had to have chaps on too

Our entire family came to support Kylie Jo. This is one of her 3 Papa's: Mark Bell.

Boots match the chaps, and we are ready to roll!

Waiting to ride! Filling up on PB&J

Sad she has to keep waiting.

Daddy holding my baby, making sure she is okay. There was a lot of emotion in this picture. He kept whispering in her ear and telling her it was almost her turn. Explaining how much fun she was going to have. She was really nervous.

Getting her vest on

Strapping on the helmet.



More encouraging words from daddy

This picture is a long story-

When Kylie found out that she was going to be riding at National Wester Stock Show in Denver, CO, she knew that she would see Miss Rodeo America 2015, Lauren Heaton. Kylie drew a picture to give to her (I so wish I would have taken a picture of her drawing.) We went to NWSS a week before she rode so that we could see the animals and all the other fun stuff. From experience, I knew that MRC signs autographs at the Black Hills Gold stand. So we went there first to see if she was there. She wasn't and Kylie was bummed out. I asked the guy behind the booth to give her drawing to Lauren. He said that she would be coming in the next few days and he would be happy to give it to her. We left with one slightly bummed out kid. So when we saw Miss Rodeo Ameriica the day Kylie was riding, she was so excited. She pointed and said "MOM ITS HER!" MRC came over to the kids and warmed them up. Doing stretches and exercises with them. Plus one good game of Simon says. It was cute to see all of the kids try to touch their nose with those big helmets on. After they were all warmed up, she went from kid to kid to meet them. When she was all done meeting and greeting the kids, I introduced myself and told her the story about Kylie and her drawing. Her face lit up and she said that she has had the drawing hanging in her hotel room since she got it. She walked over to Kylie and thanked her for her drawing. In this day and age not everyone gives kids a lot of attention. It warmed my heart to see someone famous (at least in my book) give a little kid so much attention. She took pictures and talked with her for bit. Afterwards she told us that she would come say "hi" and sign autographs for the rest of the family.........

World's happiest kid!

And we are off!

Another one bites the dust!

This picture below is one of my favorites. The announcer had all of these PRCA cowboys come out and give the kids their trophies. They then held them up as the played " We are the champions". Kylie is #5. She kept trying to hold her trophy up higher than the other kids. I was crying! That will forever be a moment engrained in my brain. The National Western Stock Show puts on a great show!!!

So proud of her trophy!

My Family

After my youngest met Miss Rodeo America, it is now her life goal to become a rodeo queen! She talks about her all the time.

I can't thank Miss Rodeo America enough for making that day so special for my family! She is an outstanding example for little girls to look up to. Kind, generous, friendly, and let's not forget beautiful! Thank you National Western Stock Show and Miss Rodeo America

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