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Troy & Korina's Wyoming Hereford Ranch Wedding ~Wyoming Wedding Photographer 2019

When I arrived at Wyoming Hereford Ranch for the first time, their huge red barn welcomed me. I knew that was were I was going hang Korinas dress. I love my easy going and trusting brides. I headed outside and framed her dress at the top of the staircase on the old rustic barn. Korina being a sensible gal decided on some comfy Sperry shoes to slip in to after her "I do's". With her jewelry on and her father's wedding band wrapped in her bouquet that her sister made. Here two sister and best friends helped her slip in to her dress. Her mom looking on as she watched her baby getting ready to walk down the isle. Korina headed for the meadow. This truck sounded like a happy purring tiger.

Troy arrived in his grandfather's newly restored Chevy truck.

I am many things, and one of those things a gear head. I love old fast vehicles.

Her Mama ❤

Troy by far arrived in the coolest truck yet!

Korina's mom by her side, they walked down the aisle.

Korina wither her sister's

FFA helps make life long relationships