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Air Force Base Wedding

Colorado Springs, Colorado

I have had the honor to work with several amazing photographers this summer. One of them being Tamar Murphy-Web. She is a gracious and talented woman.

This was another first for me. I have never had the chance to photograph at the Air Force Base. This place is huge! The chapel is amazingly beautiful. The stain glass is breathtaking. O and by the way the push 7 wedding a day through there! So be on time!

Working as a second photographer you get to hang our with the guys. Military guys are awesome. Especially the guys the fly F16 like these guys did. Very respectable men.

We started off at Hotel Elagante and Colorado Springs. After the guys were dressed and mad ea toast we headed to The Boradmore Hotel for a first look!

I had that chance to walk around with the groom and take some of his portraits before he got to see his bride.

Dad helping him get ready.

Check out the cuff links! F16 Jets

This sweet couple wanted to do a first look.

They chose to have their first look on the bridge at Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.

As a second shooter I stick with the guy's on the day of the wedding.

I got the go ahead and positioned him on at the middle of the bridge. We stood in the hot sun for couple of minutes tell his bride approached us. He is such a fun guy.

In the picture below he was dusting off his nerves.

He comes the gorgeous bride.

I said here she comes! This was his expression.

The first look

I love this picture. They where so excited to see one another.

He was overjoyed!

Once smart bride. #TOMS

After the first look we took pictures around the Broadmoore Hotel. It was a perfect backdrop for the pictures.

Mom and all three of her girls.

Welcome to the Air Force Base Chapel

This place is just stunning!

Air Force Sabber Arch

This bridal party was so fun! They wanted to play around.

The grand entry.

His sister sand the mother son dance song. He had no clue tell she walked through the door

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