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Brooklyn's 1 year Cake Smash!

Miss Brooklyn turned one today!

Crazy how time flies.

Seems like her mom just called to let me know that she had arrived a year ago!!!

Erin emailed me about a month ago to set up a time for Brooklyn's cake smash and one year pictures. Erin said she wanted pink and gold in her pictures.

Erin being the creative mom she is, made the banner that is hanging behind her in the pictures. Simple ribbon cut and tied on to string. I absolutely love how it photographed. The big pink poms she found at the local party store.

I told Erin it takes FOREVER to "FLUFF" these tissue paper flowers.

She sat up late the night before and made sure they were all perfectly fluffed.

My biggest tip is to wrap the string around the center. All of it.

Hold it from the center and start fluffing to the center on the opposite side.

These will lay flat on my back drop. No need to make them round.

I like to have different sizes of the poms. Large and small.

It adds to the depth of the pictures.

My backdrop is only 5' wide, so we don't have a ton of room. Keep that in mind when purchasing props for you childs cake smash.

The balloons, flowers and banner coordinated perfectly.

I made the cupcake cake. I try to always match the frosting to the color of the props.

Brooklyn you are a beautiful little girl, with so much personality!

Happy Birthday Baby!

Erin got this cute outfit off of Etsy from

Brooklyn started of slow and delicate. Then grabbed a hand full of frosting and started smearing it all over her face. She had it up in her eye in no time. No worries I have wet napkins and washcloths on stand by. I have mom's stay close to me incas baby needs some assistance or a drink of water.

This is so good............... Do I have frosting on my face....share? Nope...........MMMMMMMM........

I love it when babies dive in to their cakes. As soon as I put the cake down she dove in.

Look at those lashes! She was laughing in this picture.

I like to get up close detail shot if I can too.

Baby rolls and all.

Afte a messy cake smash sessoin, it is time for a littel bubble bath.

She loved cleaning herself off!

If you are interested in having me take you child's 1 year cake smash pictures. Please call me 970-310-7774


I am local to the Carbon Valley Area

Longmont, Dacono, Erie, Lafayette, Frederick, Firestone.

If you need some ideas for a cake smash,

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to Cake Smash Ideas for little girls.

I love the fun messiness of cake smashes.


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