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Hunter's 1 Year Cake Smash!

I have been photographing the Jones family for the past 6 year.

I have known Hunter's mom for a long time, we used to teach

dental assisting together in Longmont.

Her oldest son is the same age as my youngest daughter.

Seems like Hunter was just born.

His big brother Tristen was so excited to hold him.

Fast forward to one year later and he was almost walking.

I always start off with the "clean pictures."

Hunter was a little ham.

He thought he was so hot cruising around my wooden box.

His mom wanted yellow and blue for his color's.

She purchased these decorations from Hobby Lobby.

This was the first time I had tissue paper flowers as props.

Let me explain to you how long it takes to fluff these things. Forrrreeeeeevvvverrrrr!

If you want these type of props in your pictures.

Make sure to fluff them before hand.

Brie chose a 3 tiered white confetti cake for Hunter.

Trimmed with yellow frosting and

a one made out of sprinkles.

I provide the cake for about 90% of my cake smash sessions.

You have a choice of a giant cupcake or

a 3 tiered 6" cake with frosting to match your colors.

Hunter was teething so he was drooling all over.

Hunter has the the most amazing blue eye's !

Love baby rolls covered in cake!

Time for clean up!

After Hunter was all done smashing his cake we filled up my

bath tub to give him a quick rinse.

I like to do lifestyle type photography too.

So I followed mom into the bathroom to get a couple of pictures of him in the tub.

I love this image. Brie is such a loving mama.

She snuggled him right after she wrapped him up in a towel.

This is the definition of a mother's love.

If you are interested in booking a cake smash session for your 1 year old, please contact me today.

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