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Grand Lake, Colorado Elopement Jenny & Melissa (Point Park)

Jenny Contacted me back in May about photographing her and her girlfriends small elopement in Grand Lake, CO.

They live out of state, so we set up a Skype date so we could meet "in person".

After chatting back and forth for a bit Jenny and Melissa decided I was the gal for the job.

On August 26th I headed over the hills to Grand Lake, CO As I headed over Trail Ridge Road the clouds where moving in. When I got in to Grand Lake I could see rain clouds brewing. After walking around the lake to find the best locations for pictures after the ceremony, it started to rain. With umbrellas in hand I went to meet Melissa out by the lake. Their family was huddling under a pick-nick area out of the rain. I asked Melissa if she had seen Jenny yet. She said no so I saw the opportunity to do a first look. I took Melissa to the middle of a path and had her turn her back to Jenny. I told Jenny to walk up to Melissa and tap her on the shoulder. Then just enjoy the moment.

Jenny and Melissa met at work in July 2010. At first glance Melissa felt like there was something about Jenny that was very intriguing, but didn't know what it was. Jenny, on the other hand, thought she looked like the lead singer in Green Day and didn't expect us to have a thing in common. After being pushed by their leaders to get to know one another, they quickly realized they had a lot in common and became the best of friends. Years later, we mutually realized our friendship was a whole lot more! Jenny's daughter Emerson was only 2 years old when she met Melissa and quickly warmed up to her despite being a shy child. The three of them live in Wisconsin and are always living life to the fullest between camping, festivals, movie nights, art parties, game nights, football games, & "family nights" they are always doing something different & creating great memories. Emmie was elated to hear they were getting married and quickly deemed herself their wedding planner. While they opted to not have her ideas of including the doggies, unicorns, rainbows, tutus, and party favors into the actual wedding, Melissa incorporated all of these things into what was probably the most chaotic/original proposal ever. Emmie asked for months when "our wedding" (including hers) was going to be. They surprised Emmie with a trip to Colorado where the wedding took place as they both have a mutual love of the outdoors and the beauty that the state provides. Their wedding was extremely personalized, short, sweet, & just perfect for them thanks to Rev. Laura Summers. It incorporated the values they strive to teach Emmie every day; LOVE is LOVE. Emmie was extremely excited to interrupt our ceremony to point out the double rainbow appearing over the mountains. She got her wish after all!


Thank you Jenny and Melissa for choosing me as your photographer.

LOVE is LOVE! If you are looking to have a Rocky Mountain Elopement please contact me. I love to travel and photograph your love story.

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