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Bailey Colorado Wedding

Another beautful wedding up in the mountians of Colorado. I second shot the wonderfuly talented Laura Smith.

This wedding was nessled on 700 acres of the grooms private familey estate in Deer Creek Valley. 5 Generations have lived in this valley.

I am a sucker for Bee's, and there where so many wild flowers that bee's where everywhere.

I have never sean geod cuff links before. How neat are these!

The decent down the long eisle with her daddy.

As Nate and Sara entered the recetion they got showered with bird sead. It looks like gold glitter to me in these images.

Sunset+wildflowers= Beautiful images!

I loved that there were so many dogs running around all day. They could resist to not be next to their mom and dad. Even on the first dance.

Father Daughter Dance

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