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Estes Park Pregnancy Announcement

I met Travis and Kyla at their wedding in 2013. I was a budding photographer, assisting my mentor at the time. I knew the second I set foot at their wedding venue, that they were my kinda people. Country, rodeo and cowboys! They got married at Shupe Homstead ( in Hygiene Colorado. They both grew up around Hygiene. If you live in Colorado you have probably passed by Hygiene. It is just west of Longmont on your way to Lyons. It is a dot on the map.

Kyla and Travis had a beautiful wedding. They celebrated into the night with friends and family. Shortly after that they moved to Texas so Kyla could continue her college education at Texas A&M. They became friends of mine after I photographed Tavis's sister's wedding in 2014 at the same location.

Fast forward to December 2015, Kyla sent me a message through facebook looking to see if I was busy the weeknd of Christmas. I always stay in town, so I told her I was free. She typed "we are pregnant!" and wanted to have some announcement portraits done.

I always ask my clients where, when and what.

She wanted the pictures to say "COLORADO".

Snow, Mountains, and a beautiful view.

I can do that ;)

We headed up to Estes Park, Colorado. It was a chilly 17 degrees out with full sun!

I have the perfect locations in Estes Park that provided everything Kyla wanted.

So me in my snow boots and Kyla and Travis along with their three dogs headed up the hill.

The sun was just starting to go down. Providing us with beautiful light that made the snow sparkle.

In Between pictures I had them put their jackets back on in attempt to stay warm. Thankfully there wasn’t to much wind.

After a couple of different poses and props we added in the dogs.

I love dogs and welcome them into your portraits.

WARNING I will make weird sounds to get them to look at the camera.

All in all it was a wonderful time in Estes Park. I wish that Kyla and Travis lived in Colorado so I could photograph their baby girl when she arrives in May 2016.

Congratulations you two! I am so happy for you guy’s and look forward to meeting your baby girl the next time ya’ll come to Colorado.

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