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Rocky Mountain National Park, Sprauge Lake Elopement

When I received an email from Rebecca back in July of 2015, I got so excited......

Hi Shelli, We are from Oklahoma and are planning on eloping to Estes Park. It’s going to be very quick. Just my fiancé and myself. We would like to take pictures for 30 minutes to an hour maybe. Please let me know what you suggest and what your prices include. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! Becky


Becky and I went back and forth with emails. After we confirmed a date, Becky had to contact RMNP, you have to have a permit in order to get married in the park ( They give you a time slot to get married there. They do that so that you aren't going to interrupt someone else's wedding and so no one will interrupt yours. Also a side note for photographers. You as a photographer are covered under the brides permit to photograph in the park.

Call Kirsten Moody 970-586-1209 at the RMNP Concession Management Office she should be able to answer all questions for you.

As an avid hiker and mountain lover, I am familiar with Rocky Mountain National Park. Sprauge Lake is an easy hike with beautiful views.

I knew of a few inlets that would work great as an altar area if you will. Where they got married at was about a ¼ of the way around the lake.

I also contected Becky with an wonderful officiant, Rick Ebbers

After they said the “I DO’s” they signed the marriage license.

I like to give my couples a little alone time after they sign the marriage license.

You need a little breathing room and time to enjoy the moment. I take that opportunity to to photograph the details. Their rings, her shoes and bouquet.

We proceeded to walk around the lake stopping to take pictures at every chance. The weather couldn’t have been any better, and the view couldn’t have been more spectacular.

Rocky Mountain National park really does provide the perfect backdrop for wedding portraits.

It was a little windy that day. Aaron was such a sweet guy.

He kept pushing her hair out of her face.

I couldn't resist. As this guy was walking around the lake he had to stop to take a picture of them getting married. So I did what I do. I documented him. He probably has a nice picture of them and me with my big camera in my face.

They had his ring engraved with their wedding date.

They both liked this log that had fallen over into the lake. So I had them walk very carefully out on to it. We took a couple more pictures as we neared the end of the path. I stopped them as they were getting off the log to photograph her cute bare feet. She walked around the whole lake barefoot because her shoes were hurting her. Girl after my own heart. I don't' like wearing shoes and can practically walk on anything without shoes on.


Her rings was amazing!!!!!

Aaron did a fantastic job picking this out!

I like to add my own unique twist on ring shots.

What better way to document where you were married at than with a map.

You know your in Estes Park when........ The Elk were in full rut.

If you are thinking about eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado please contact me 970-310-7774 or Colorado offers the best backdrop for photos in my opinion. But then again I am a Colorado native and have camped many of nights in the National Parks. I am biased to Colorado. Congratulations Aaron and Becky! I had so much fun documenting your elopement.

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