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Baby Elena 6 days new

So many of my family's I photograph I have know for years.

Elena's mama is no different.

In 2013 Tessa and Mike were married at Mike's parents home

in Niwot, Colorado.

They were my seond wedding ever!

It was a beuatiful day full of family and friends.

Little Miss Elena joined the family November 14th 2015

She was a perfect angel the entire session.

I was excited to do her session because I had just gotten this super cute pink and lace romper. Her beautiful full head of dark brown hair made for the perfect contrast against the soft pink.

I love to get siblings in on the newborn sessions. Toddlers love to hold their new brother's and sister's. James was no different. I usually have big brother or sister lay down in the middle of my big bean bag. I wrap up the newborn so that they won't move around to much. Mom always sits very close to the kids. Sometimes toddlers decide they are done and bale off of the bean bag quick. Safety is always my priority.

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