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Best Weekend EVER! Camping Weekend!

Every year my whole family goes camping together! We head out for a long drive over the hill and through the woods to Hidden Lakes Campground in Walden, CO. Here is a little information on the camp ground:

It is a no wake lake, so leave the big boats at home and grab an oar or your flippers for belly boating.

We love to kayak, so this lake is perfect for us. It is small enough that we can let the kids go out by themselves and not worry about how far they are going.

This also happens to be a great swimming lake for your dogs. Even my big old guy, Remi, got in and swam. He liked swimming out to me in the kayak and I would pull him in. He thought it was the best thing ever...Mom is paddling and I get to sit in the boat.

Can you spy a lab that was told to go back to the camp ground?

Can you spy a lab that was told to go back to that camp ground?

My kids got to swing in our new hammock that ties to anything. It made a perfect napping spot.

My dad does what he loves...FISH!

He attempted to teach my youngest how to throw out a fly and managed to not get hooked himself (see middle image)! Addy is just as wild as I was when I was her age.

July is wild flower season in Colorado. I could spend hours photographing flowers! I would walk 5 feet and go, "Ooh, look at this one." I drove my hubby nuts.

Indian Painbrush

And of course, there is the wildlife! We are in Colorado after all! After waking up early Saturday morning and looking out over the lake,

I saw this Bald Eagle fly over my.

I grabbed my camera and hopped in my kayak to head out to where he had landed.

Once I got over to him, he sat there for a while wondering what the big lime green thing was coming towards him. He was pretty raggedy!

Mama and baby Moose! This is from a long ways away in a car! I am not stupid! Do not get close to moms and their babies!

She ran away as soon as I snapped a picture.

My favorite part of the whole camping trip was when my mom and I sat on the shore of the lake and took long exposure Milky Way pictures. I was lucky enough to catch 5 shooting stars in one frame!

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